The essence of the Guarantee mechanism is that the Guarantor as the legal entity secures payment of customs duties and taxes for the participant in foreign economic activity by its property, money and other methods consistent with regulatory legislative acts.

Why Guarantee is selected as Security measure?

  • Prompt(it is possible to receive the service in advance either electronically or in the office of the Guarantor Company; the decision is taken within 3 hours);
  • Affordable price(as compared to the Bank Guarantee);
  • Qualified(Guaranteeis the core business of the guaranteeing company, without extra encumbrances and commitments for the Client).

Why select Guarantor among Association members?

  • GARANT EAG unites leaders of national Guarantee markets of all EAEU member-states– an opportunity to promptly select the Partner in the country, whose services are recognized by customs authorities throughout the EAEU territory;
  • Our Guarantors are ready to work with 24/7 availability – transparent terms and rules of guarantee service receipt from all members of the Association. Accessible electronically;
  • We will speak native language with each of you – a wide partner network of Association members in adjacent countries of the EU, CAREC, Turkey and Moldova, and coordination of their activities through the Association in line with Client’s requests.

When working with our association, you always have:

  • Access to the actual register of current members of GARANT EAG;
  • Qualified routing of requests on the Guarantee topic all over the EAEU territory;
  • Prompt feedback on the essence of the request.

Find the Guarantor

All members of our Association are professionally dealing with guarantees for many years already.

The choice is yours.