The Association member is entitled to:

  • Participate with the right to vote in business of the General Meeting of Association Members and put forward issues of interest for its consideration;
  • Elect and be elected to governance bodies of the Association and receive information about its current activity;
  • Use in its commercial activity access to common internal databases of the Association and other practices of the integrated Risk Management System;
  • Receive information and analytical updates and participate in events held by the Association;
  • Take advantage of other services provided by GARANT EAG.

Current members of the Association

Register of Association members

Procedure of joining the Association

If you decide to join the Association, then you need to undertake several steps:

1. Application for admission to members.
Candidate’s form
Candidate’s documents.
Consent to personal data processing

5. Recommendation from one of Association members regarding admission of the candidate to the Association (in free form).


The following membership fees are provided according to the Charter of the Association:
– Admission fee;

– Quarterly membership fee;

– Target (one-time) fees.

The General Meeting of Association Members sets forth amount, procedure and manner of fees payment.

All payments addressed to the Association shall be made against the following details:

Payment details (RUR)